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Once upon a beginning…

January 28th, 2009 16 comments

Hi, and welcome to “The Adventures of a Newbie Roguelike Dev”, a weblog featuring articles from a beginning game designer. I call myself a newbie because my programming skills are very poor – I have no knowledge of pointers, file-handling or OOP and have yet to implement basic game mechanics like AI, pathfinding and items. However, I have released a game, and quite a fun one at that, in spite of its simplicity (or maybe because of that). It’s called Gruesome, and you can find it here. Give it a quick try – you might just like it.

This blog will sporadically feature update and development notices about this game and others I have planned, but more importantly I intend to write a few articles about my experiences in taking up programming and game design. Aspiring developers may find it a source of inspiration, or maybe even a warning of what not to do. Experienced developers may find it a fresh take on conventional ideas. Overall though I hope it’s simply enjoyable to read, as I try to tread lightly past the hazardous pitfalls every developer must face: bugs, procrastination and over-ambition.