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Lost in the Mighty Jungle

March 14th, 2009 4 comments

Well, I’ve failed the 7DRL competition – I simply didn’t have enough time to get a working title out.  Maybe with just a few more hours…  But alas, the hours have been scant this week, and I could only devote around 14 hours to the project (about 5 last sunday and 8 or 9 today).  I managed to get Simba wandering around randomly generated jungles with inert hyenas for him to claw or bite at.  If anyone wants to see you’re welcome to check out the Windows exe and source here – perhaps of use to people learning Pascal, as it has many of the basics of a simple roguelike engine.  Anyone who’d like a simple gander at the failed results can check out this pic:

Many many things missing, but oh well – or Hakuna Matata, I should say.  Will hopefully spend a bit of time getting it finished in future…

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7DRL Attempt: The Lion King

March 7th, 2009 6 comments

As soon as I publish this post I’m going to begin work on my second roguelike title, and hopefully within 168 hours I’ll finish it.  It should help me learn quite a few things, much of which will feed back into Gruesome.  The following are new things I shall be implementing:

  • multiple enemy types
  • basic pathfinding and AI
  • combat system
  • tactics/stances
  • character stats
  • experience levels and progression choices
  • forest and ravine generation
  • proper message handling (with [more] prompt etc)
  • highscore
  • character logs upon win/lose

Nothing particularly complex, but still all foreign to me.  From Gruesome I’ll be ripping the FOV algorithm, a bit of display stuff and maybe the cave generator, though it’ll all need reworking.

The inspiration for the game was quite simple – when considering what I wanted to do for a 7DRL I thought it would be great to have a combat system whereby single enemies were little threat, but together they could defeat you even at high levels, like wolves tearing down a lion (as the expression goes).  Lion, I thought… doesn’t an ‘@’ symbol look a little like a lion’s head with a mane of fur around it…?  And doesn’t it also look a bit like the old monkey’s lion symbol on the tree in the Disney movie…?  And the idea came flooding in.

For those who haven’t heard of the Disney classic “The Lion King”, go watch it – it’s quite a good film, and Jeremy Irons plays a loveable Scar.  If I knew how I’d throw some voice samples into the game.  The gameplay should be fairly basic – explore randomly generated forests and ravines, then battle it out with Scar on Pride Rock.  Hopefully it’ll be fun enough.

I’ll post here with progress updates and maybe some screenshots as the week goes on – stay tuned!

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The 7 Days of Creation

March 5th, 2009 1 comment

This Saturday begins the fifth annual 7 day roguelike competition, when developers try the daunting task of making a complete game in 168 hours.  In spite of very little time and even less programming knowledge I intend to compete.  Anyone who has played Gruesome will know just how basic my skills are so far, so don’t expect much from me in comparison to previous awesome 7DRLs (and fresh ones like jice’s beautiful Pyromancer and kaw’s nifty Emperor Engine).  However I intend to use it as an important learning experience to try out something new, and in particular try out something that Gruesome will never possess: combat.

To be perfectly honest this is one of the things that really pushed me to start developing roguelikes.  I knew for a while I’d like to make my own, but reading about the annual 7DRL competition really put some imperative on me last year to learn enough coding to be able to participate.  Cool inventive games like Jeff Lait’s You Only Live Once and Fatherhood are nothing short of inspirational.  I wish I had a bit more programming experience by now, but I’m happy to be able to even consider joining in.  It’s a good opportunity to try out new things, develop my skills a little, and of course it should hopefully be fun!  On top of that there’ll be a host of cool games to try out next week, so keep your eyes peeled!