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Response to Broken Bottle

April 12th, 2011 Comments off

Broken Bottle has come fourth in a review of all of this year’s 7DRLs by an esteemed committee of reviewers (I was a member of the committee myself, but less esteemed and of course utterly uninvolved in reviewing my own game, though I had a lot of fun reviewing others). Needless to say I’m quite proud of this, especially since there was such a huge breadth of quality games this year.

Additionally there has also been a discussion thread raised on rgrm entitled “Breaking down Broken Bottle” – an analysis by Jeff Lait of the artistic messages in the game. Be warned that it is rather wordy, and my response even more so – it also contains severe spoilers that’ll ruin your enjoyment of the game if you haven’t already played it. Again I am proud that my game could bring about such detailed discussion and analysis. It should be fairly obvious to anyone playing that there is some attempt at the whole “Games as Art” thing in the game, and though some people have told me they’re not convinced I’m glad that it’s provoked a thoughtful reaction in others. A lot of careful design choices went into the aesthetics and the mechanics of the game to get the right atmosphere and feel. It’s good to see some success from this.