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44 Votes on Roguelike of the Year!

December 29th, 2011 1 comment

Okay, so it ain’t exactly matching the 700+ votes of ToME4, but 35 votes for Broken Bottle and 9 for Run from the Shadow is extremely gratifying for me. 9% of the games got over 80% of the votes in the poll, so even getting 1% is fantastic. Broken Bottle has been the highest voted 7DRL this year, which is pretty damned great in my books. Thanks a lot to those who voted!

2012 is almost upon us. The votes for Run from the Shadow remind me that I really must polish it up and produce a far better version. With that in mind here are some further ideas in my head for the coming year:
– Port Gruesome and Toby the Trapper to the T-Engine, with updates to both (including massive updates to Gruesome)
– Port Unstoppable to Android (will likely never happen, but it’s a nice thought)
– 7DRL based on sanctity, rage and revenge (come on, March!)
– Make a *Band/DoomRL hybrid called Hobbits with Guns (a much bigger project)
– Make a massive procedural story-based roguelike that’ll blow the world away (I’ll almost certainly never find time for this, but I have some cool ideas that I’d like to play with at least)

I dunno what I’ll actually achieve, but I am itching to make some new stuff next year. I’m still very much a newbie roguelike dev, and I have a lot to learn with the T-Engine especially, but whenever I get the time to code it’s still fun to discover new things. I worry that if I ever get beyond the newbie dev stage I’ll find the whole experience dull…

Oh, and keep your eyes peeled for some very very cool interviews and features on Roguelike Radio. 2011 has been a nice beginning for the podcast, and I have high hopes that 2012 will be even better.