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7DRL 2012 start: Rogue Rage

March 10th, 2012 Comments off

Rogue Rage will be a melee-centred roguelike which tries to cut out all the crap and make basic bump to attack fun.  No inventory, no special key presses, no experience system, no game log, no dice rolls, no stats, no to hit calculations.  The focus is entirely on your character and how he moves with respect to his enemies, with deterministic combat making it a tactical game.  This is supported by a passive attack system (you will always attack adjacent enemies, with certain rules applied), with bumping into enemies triggering special effects dependant on your stance (stance-changing is easy and you learn new stances by beating bosses).  Also has a rage meter than when filled give you temporary super-powers.

Those are the intentions anyway.  We’ll see how it all turns out  :)  I’ll be using the T-Engine, since it served me immensely well last year and it can help add a few cool graphical things.

Good luck to everyone taking part!  The end of the 7DRL week is even better than Christmas, and I’m looking forward to trying out everyone’s cool new games.