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ADOM Crowdfund gets $8k in one day

July 3rd, 2012 Comments off

Thomas Biskup has started up a crowd-funding campaign on IndieGoGo to resurrect ADOM and bring it back into development, modernising the game, fixing bugs, adding new content, etc.  The goal is $48k, objectionably high many say, but in the campaign’s first 24 hours donators have given a cool sixth of that total.  It’s not clear if Thomas will pull in the other $40k needed, but this is certainly a good start.

Interestingly a big chunk of the money donated so far has been from a select few – 10 people have bought the $250 “Lord” perk, which as a bonus includes a random snippet of the ADOM source in a framed certificate!  I must admit, I couldn’t resist going for this lovely collector’s item myself…  But for the campaign to really be successful it likely needs more than a few die-hard fans like me – most campaigns are won by selling high volumes of low-level tiers, which this one has yet to achieve.  One thing that may influence matters is the word of Notch – the Minecraft creator, known for professing his love of ADOM in a splash message on his game, has tweeted to his followers to donate, and this has been retweeted by 62 others.  Could this draw the masses in?

Hard to say what will happen, but I’ll be keeping a close eye on this  :)  ADOM is the game that got me into roguelikes, the work that inspired my first roguelike Gruesome, a game I’ve put an immense amount of fun time into over the years, and a game in which I still hold the highest ever non-archmage points score  :P  When the new version comes out I’ll be sure to nab that top spot again  ;)

For those interested, he’s also asking on the ADOM Blog for screenshots or videos from the game and volunteers for interviews.  Get in touch with him via his blog or Facebook if you want to help out.