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Flood-filling for Procedural Wizardry

December 4th, 2012 Comments off

In case anyone is not a Temple of the Roguelike regular, I highly recommend reading through this thread discussing floodfill applications.  It includes simple code examples, discussions of problems/alternatives, and practical ideas on how it can be used for good content.  All excellent brainfood for anyone looking to use one of the best algorithms in the procedural design toolbox.

The Roguelike Incubator

December 1st, 2012 3 comments

A few months back I set up a project called The Roguelike Incubator – an area for less well-known roguelike developers to put up their games for feedback, with the caveat that they also give feedback to other developers.  A joint back-scratching exercise that everyone could benefit from.  Developer feedback can be especially insightful, with ideas for design mixed in with coding knowledge, and in general this helps with the struggle to get decent feedback on newer and smaller games.  The project went well for a few months, with my own game Rogue Rage receiving excellent feedback, but has gone quiet lately.

We’re now looking for new developers to join the circle.  All you need is a RogueTemple account (easy to set up), an in-dev roguelike with a playable build, and a bit of time to trade with others.  The activity is all publicly visible, but it doesn’t get a lot of attention, so it’s a great place to put up unfinished works for constructive criticism.  If you’re interested then check out the latest thread I’ve started on the call for new developers.

Note that previously the Incubator was wrapped up with the idea for a Roguelike Bundle.  I’ve realised now this may have been a mistake, putting too many restrictions on people, and I’ll be looking to do something a little different with the bundle idea in future.  The Incubator is instead open to all, and I hope to see a much wider participation in future.