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New game: Monetizing Children

July 8th, 2013 Comments off
Monetizing Children title screen

Monetize them all!

I’ve just completed a game for the 2013 Molyjam, called Monetizing Children. Download for Windows / OSX / Linux. Made with Shaz Yousaf (writing and music) and Freddie Fosh (art).

The Molyjam involves making some kinda weird games based on quotes from Molyneux or Molydeux. I strongly wanted to make a game with the title “Monetizing Children” after reading the amazing posts of Ramin Shokrizade, and managed to find a quote that reasonably fit.

The game involves playing as a freemium game company. Wander near kids to make them addicted, them bump into them to inflict “fun pain”, taking money in the process. They can get lured away by real life, but raising your stats helps prevent that. There are a few other subtleties in both the presentation and the gameplay elements… One non-subtle but amazing thing is the fantastic theme tune Shaz wrote – well worth checking out the game just for that.

Darren Grey and Peter Molyneux

Me chatting with Peter Molyneux about monetisation (we disagreed a lot!)

But is it a roguelike? Well, that’s the fun question. It’s turn-based, grid-based, has procedural levels, permadeath, bump to interact, resource management, single hero, progression system and even a hunger clock. But it doesn’t feel a lot like a roguelike ultimately, especially since you don’t directly kill things. Just goes to show that following the Berlin Interpretation to the letter doesn’t exactly make a roguelike. Still, it has some shared features, and is interesting as a game in its own right.