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7DRL Incoming: 8th to 16th March

February 24th, 2014 2 comments

It’s now less than 2 weeks to the start of the 2014 Seven Day Roguelike Challenge! This my personal highlight of the year, and I can’t bloody wait for it to start :D

This year I’ve set up mailing list for people wanting to subscribe to updates about the process. This is for developers, players, media, whoever. Just enter your e-mail address if you want to be kept up to date this year and in future years.

Also, Unity have repeated their offer of 1 month trials of Unity Pro for 7DRL entrants. E-mail me if you want a code!

As for my own plans… I’m hoping to make a complex game with a hacking theme (868-HACK being a big inspiration). You move on a hex grid, with “connected” nodes being easier to travel around, and connections are created by your movements. Enemies destroy connections and hinder your movements. You die if you get surrounded by enemies – so it’s a no HP game, with movement being key. Building on Mosaic a little bit, but I’m hoping it’ll be more tactical. Bumping into enemies will trigger special attacks against them, but which attack type is triggered depends on the direction of attack, following a “hex wheel” of assigned powers. The hex wheel rotates each turn, so you can’t keep spamming the same attack in one direction.

My biggest challenge is coming up with interesting enemies and bosses, and maybe some sort of progression system. Also a good name… Hexhack? Hacktics? I’ll think something up…

Ooh, and in other roguelike-y news be sure to register for IRDC! The International Roguelike Developers Conference is in Berlin again this year, from 9 – 11 May, hosted by the distinguished Ido Yehieli.