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Procedural Generation Jam – 8-17 November

September 23rd, 2014 Comments off

A new game jam is on the horizon, the Procedural Generation Jam:

Many people are using this as an excuse to make a 7DRL. But you can make any sort of procedural game you want on the week, or concentrate your time on some procedural tools instead. I’ll be making a roguelike where procedural generation is part of the mechanics of play! Hopefully it’ll also be fun.

To kick off the ProcJam there will be a day of talks in London from developers who use procedural generation. This will include Mark Johnson of Ultima Ratio Regum, Tanya X Short of Shattered Planet, Hazel McKendrick of No Man’s Sky and me! I’ll be giving a talk about how to include the player in the procedural generation, which is something I’ve tried to do with a lot of my games. You can get free tickets to the event or watch remotely via the livestream.

I’ll be hosting an episode of Roguelike Radio in the coming weeks with a few of the speakers, talking about the purpose of the jam and why procedural generation is so cool :)