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7DRL Complete: FireTail

March 16th, 2015 Comments off
FireTail gameplay

The fire spirit facing off against the Queen of Ice

In FireTail you play the last spirit of fire, battling against unending legions of ice, and ultimately against the dreaded Queen of Ice. You can download for Windows, Mac and Linux through

And wow, what a week! It started with recovering from an ear operation, and on Friday my computer decided to explode. I managed to break the T-Engine in new and interesting ways, but thankfully the angelic DarkGod came to the rescue and sorted out my weird bugs. What’s been a big highlight this year is getting such a polished looking game, in no small part thanks to the wonderful work of Oryx, providing me with custom tiles for the enemies and terrain.

Some interesting features of the game:

  • You leave a trail of fire as you walk. The number of neighbouring fire tiles determines what powers you enact.
  • You have free movement on fire squares, making the fire tail of important tactical advantage.
  • Progression is based on the fire tail – when you level up you assign skills to the lengths of the tail, changing what skills are triggered when you’re surrounded by x fire tiles. The higher the number the more effective the skill, but the harder it is to get into a position to use them.
  • You die if you get surrounded in ice terrain or ice enemies. Positioning and freedom of movement is vital in combat.
  • 7 levels, 6 interesting bosses, and a bunch of enemies all with their own powers.

I’ll do a video showing off some bits of the game when I get a chance. For now please download, enjoy, and give feedback!

7DRL Start: FireTail

March 9th, 2015 Comments off
Firetail bird

This is a Firetail bird. It has absolutely nothing to do with my game.

The 2015 Seven Day Roguelike Challenge has begun! I have started work on another T-Engine game, called FireTail. This draws a bit from the mechanics of DataQueen, with a few novel ideas thrown into the mix. A big aim for me this year is to have the game mechanics be a little more approachable. Many people struggled last year with the way DataQueen used several new mechanics all at once, making it hard to adjust to the gameplay. Also a lot of people never bothered reading the instructions, which is sadly how people approach gaming these days. I hope FireTail will have the mechanics be more intuitive/obvious to those without the ability to read.

FireTail is (or will be) a game about a fire spirit in a world that is slowly freezing. The levels will be filled with advancing glaciers and ice-themed enemies. As with DataQueen you have no hit points – instead you die if you become encased in ice. A big part of the game will be the firetail – the spirit leaves a trail of fire as she walks, and these give her free movement and extra ability options. Tactical use of the firetail will be central to the game.

Hopefully this will be both playable and fun :) Good luck to everyone else taking part!