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Roguelike events 2016

July 24th, 2016 Comments off

2016 is turning out to be a busy year for roguelike events! Make sure to check out if any are nearby, and get along to them if you can. Roguelike events are awesome!

First is the US IRDC (International Roguelike Developers Conference). This year it’s being held at the renowned NYU Game Center, in Brooklyn, New York, on 6-7 August. Kawa is doing the arrangements, and you can find lots of useful links and details on the US-IRDC 2016 wiki page. IRDC are wonderful affairs where everyone is encouraged to present on their work or on a discussion area that interests them. There’s always lots of interesting chatter amongst the vibrant and dedicated community.

Second is the Roguelike Celebration event, held in San Francisco on 17th September. This is a one-off, one-day event with a super-impressive list of speakers and attendees, including all the makers of Rogue and many major modern roguelike developers. Don’t miss out on this if you’re a big roguelike fan!

Lastly is the European IRDC, which is being hosted in Sofia, Bulgaria. Dates are still being decided, but late November looks likely. There’s a wiki page with details, and a vote for dates form that also lets you subscribe for updates.

I can’t make either of the US events, alas (for cost reasons, and because I’m quite time-starved coming up to my wedding). I will likely be at the Bulgaria IRDC though, if I don’t forget my passport (as happened at a previous IRDC). We’ll also have Roguelike Radio recordings from all events, hopefully.

Want to hold an event yourself? All you need is the willingness to do some organisation and a decent space you can use (usually universities or hackspaces).