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Broken Bottle on Youtube

June 24th, 2011

A guy by the handle of ImpotentLper has done 3 “Let’s Play” style videos of Broken Bottle: 1, 2 and 3. He narrates them with quite a cool throaty American voice (rather fits the main char of the game, I’d say) and he seems to have a number of other interesting videos of roguelikes.

His preferred method of play involves abusing alcohol so he can kill kids. I do find it interesting how easily gamers become hooked on this optimal play style… Everyone has their own addictions, eh? He says he enjoys the story, but I have to wonder if he’s missing out on much of the hallucination texts. He also doesn’t seem to notice that his sight is severely restricted by his headgear later in the game, making life much harder for himself. Anyway, it’s nice to see my game appreciated by others, and very interesting to watch how someone else plays it. Thanks, ImpotentLper!

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