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ARRP Success: Run from the Shadow

September 18th, 2011

This is a new game I’ve written in the T-Engine in less than a day and a half. Admittedly I ran a little out of time and didn’t get to add sound effects like I would have wanted to. There’s also a couple of minor features missing. In particular item tooltips don’t work in the inventory, and I never implemented a right-click on player command to streamline the interface.

It’s a very short and simple game, based on themes of guilt and escapism. The gameplay twist is simple – the game boss appears x turns after you’ve been on any level, but early on you don’t have the power to defeat it. The only option is to run! Until you feel powerful enough to face it, of course.

To play you can download the windows standalone version, or download beta 34 of ToME4 and drop the module folder into game/modules/.

Kinda boring screenshot:


And now for some well-deserved sleep :)

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