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F*** This Jam – or how I sold out

November 22nd, 2012

I feel dirty and ashamed  :(  But I should have expected as much when I delved into the darkest corners of my mind for “Fuck This Jam”.  The premise: make a game in a week in a genre you hate.  Well, I despise action RPGs, those boring clicky grindfests which are bland and repetitive and decisionless.  In general I’m not big on real-time games, and I’m a big fan of ASCII roguelikes.  So the objective was clear: make a fast-paced real-time graphical action RPG that involves a lot of clicking.  It ended up being about jam:


NSFW I guess?  So yeah, I feel kinda ashamed.  I will say though that it’s actually got some good gameplay when turn-based.  And the jam drawings came out really nicely (I took some pointers from our recent eps about graphics on Roguelike Radio). But importantly I learned a whole bunch of things whilst making it, which is always the plus point about game jams.

Anyway, if you like action RPGs you should check it out!  It’s frantic, light-hearted and some may even call it fun. If it weren’t for the title it would be pretty child-friendly too  ;)

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