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7DRL Start: Moasic – An Introspection on Self-expression

March 10th, 2013
Mosaic @

Concept art only – not representative of final product ;)

As of 6pm GMT on Sunday 10th March I am beginning my Seven Day Roguelike.  Hopefully I will shrug off last year’s failure and resume my previous run of successes!

The name of my game is Mosaic, and it will include a mishmash of ideas that have been floating around my head for a while.  In particular it will include:

  • Simple 4-way controls. No other controls at all.
  • Strings of moves trigger wider special moves.
  • You change the map with your moves. The whole game interaction will be about crafting the map around your movements.
  • You die in one hit, but the terrain you construct will act as temporary defence against enemies.
  • Incorporating Conway’s Game of Life somehow.
  • Procedurally generated music based on the terrain you construct (a bit like Tonematrix).
  • Some arty fluff about self-expression and creation.

I’m also hosting a London Afterparty on the evening of Sunday 17th for 7DRLers to meet up and play each others games / weep about their failures.  If you want to join in sign up here: http://7drl2013.eventbrite.com/#

Good luck to everyone taking part!  It’s gonna be one hell of a big crop of games at the end  :D

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