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Evidence of Life

March 11th, 2010

Have monsters added, though they’re quite immobile at the moment.  Still, looking pretty good now – getting ever closer to it being a real game.  Big test tomorrow will be movement and the path-finding by smell (which I’ve never done before).  And of course getting the traps working properly, which are kinda the core of the game.  Development logs I’ve been taking:

   11th March 14:53: Right, time to start again, though I'm in work this
      evening (7DRL is hard to fit in when you have 2 jobs!)  Intend to get
      basic enemies working.  If I have enough time I can maybe even fit in
      their scent-trcking system (which I really hope I've thought through
   Update 16:17: I got message handling working 100%!  It now splits lines
      into separate words before looping them properly round the message bar
      with [more] prompts.  I couldn't get this problem out of my head from
      before and just had to work on it...  Took a lot of trial and error, with
      a little bit of learning about uninitiated ansistrings in Pascal, but
      good god I'm so happy to have that working now.
   Update 17:21: All trap-laying code is in and working easily.  Of course they
      don't actually do anything yet, but it's nice to have the fuller player
      interface worked out.  All that remains is putting in monsters and
      making them do things.  I've now changed the numbering 0.1.0 to
      signify my shift towards a real game.  The 0.1 line will involve getting
      ogres working.  0.2 and higher will signify getting bosses coded.  It's
      all very exciting  :)
   12th March 00:18: Back form my barshift, might do a little coding before
      I hit the hay.  Earlier I got creatures generated and randomly positioned
      - even did the bosses since it was so simple.  Need to give them
      movement and interaction, in particular with traps.  Also thought about
      adding a hardcore difficulty setting where Toby moves twice as slow -
      fairly trivial to add and could add fun.
   Update 00:43: Hardcore mode added.  Really was very simple.  Must get to bed
      now though...  Hopefully will have a decent amount of time available at
      the weekend.
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