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I Shouldn’t Enjoy Being This Busy

May 28th, 2013

I should apologise to any Roguelike Radio fans that have been missing episodes of late. This is largely down to the fact that I’ve been tremendously busy lately! Also, we tried recording an episode a couple of weeks ago only to find out 80 minutes in that it was only recording my voice – I had over an hour of recording of me just rambling to myself, woo. Shame, since it was some great discussion, but we’ll repeat the episode at some point. In the meantime another episode has been recorded about the Hunger Clock in roguelikes, and once I find time to edit that I’ll get it online.

So what’s been keeping me busy I hear you not ask? Well, a few things:

  • 7DRL Reviewing. Actually, I’ve been quite poor on that front. We’re near the end of the review process, just a few more left to do, but it’s proving quite a struggle to get over this last hurdle. Volunteers are still welcome! There are way too many cool 7DRLs this year  :P
  • GameCamp. This was a games festival in London with a lot of cool talks, presentations and experimental games. As well as lending a hand in running the day I showed off Mosaic there to some interested folk – procedural music has so few people working on it that even my basic potterings gains some attention.
  • GaME13. A really cool conference held every year at Imperial College (which is where I have my day job, though in a completely unrelated field). I had the honour of presenting at the conference, and gave a speech on procedural generation. I built my own roguelike presentation for the talk – it was kinda cool.
  • Mosaic has had some further work on it so I could show it at the above events. The music in particular has been much improved over earlier versions. There’s still work to do to make it even better though. I’m in two minds over whether I should submit it to IndieCade or not.
  • Writing, but this time for a short story collection called Tales from the Frontier, an official tie-in novel with the in-development Elite: Dangerous game. I’ve also just been interviewed about this by Lave Radio, a fan-run podcast about the game.
  • Lots of social stuff, including a nice trip to Paris where I met up with DarkGod (ToME4 developer) for crepes and a weekend with an old school friend where I converted him to FTL and coached him to victory in it. My first successful conversion of someone to a roguelike! (for a certain definition of roguelike ;) ) We also discovered the really cool gaming-themed Loading Bar in Soho, with game-themed cocktails and lots of free games old and new to play. London is such a cool place to live :D

Alas the busyness is not letting up. Coming up in June are the following points of excitement:

  • Fishing Jam, which I’m tempted to take part in if I can think of a good game idea. I know of at least one person doing a roguelike fishing game for it.
  • London Game Jam, which I have a ticket for but may need to pull out from :-/
  • International Roguelike Development Conference in Poland 8-9 June! I’m very much excited for this :D I’ll be presenting on procedural music and sound, showing some of the lessons I’ve learned from Mosaic and discussing ideas for how this can be expanded.
  • Rezzed game event, which looks like it’ll have a lot of cool independent projects on show, including the procedurally generated 3D stealth game Sir, You Are Being Hunted.
  • Whatever Roguelike Radio episodes we have on
  • A bunch of other non-roguelikey stuff that’s still rather interesting and time-consuming.

This isn’t me whining by the way. Being this busy is tiring, but also very rewarding! Wish I had more time for actual game development though – I seem to talk about it much more than I put it into practise  :-/

  1. XLambda
    May 31st, 2013 at 09:21 | #1

    Heh. Don’t forget you can always try to write for the community e-Zine if you feel like you aren’t busy enough. :P

    Regarding Mosaic: Do it, do it! I enjoyed the heck out of that game. It’s so wonderfully artsy. I think it’s something the indie crowd would enjoy a lot.

  2. May 29th, 2013 at 00:58 | #2

    Great to hear about the current status of RLR, though I’ve got tidbits off of Eben on #rgrd. I’m looking greatly forward to the new episode, it’s over a month since the last one was released now :-o Also very sad to hear that one recording went down the drain, though a monolog of you talking for an hour could have been a fun educational listen too I’m sure ;-)

    It sounds like you’re getting out there and actually meet people in the scenes of games and roguelikes, and I’m sure all the inspiration from that can poured right into RLR! It’s cool that you’re finding opportunities to school other developers on roguelikes!

    I’ve been way too busy to get any time into coding on my roguelike as well these last couple months, and I get this mounting frustration when I can only talk about what I want to do, but never find the opportunity to actually do something about it… This summer though!

    I have to wonder if the whole 7DRL Reviewing process should be “redesigned and rethought” a bit after this year. Looking at the statistics of numbers increasing year after year, is it realistic to be able to do it this thoroughly next year I wonder? We all still appreciate the effort of course :-)

    Rock on! I truly admire the work you’re doing for the roguelike scene and how you represent it!

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