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7 Days of Reviewing

March 24th, 2010

I’ve just helped to review all of the 50 working roguelikes in this year’s competition.  Admittedly some were a lot less working than others, and some really aren’t worth touching with a barge pole.  However there were also some very impressive and imaginative titles, and I think it’s important that they get celebrated for their immense success.  You can see the full list of reviews here:


Personally I think “Fun” is the most important factor to sort the columns by.  I must say I’m also amazed to see Toby the Trapper sitting so high on the list.  I’m glad it’s been such a hit.  However for me this year is really about PrincessRL – flend has done an amazing job with it, and it’s by far the best of the titles in my opinion.  My list of personal highlights:

PrincessRL – A lot of depth, varied gameplay styles, special moves where you actually move and lots of cool stuff
Smart Kobolds – Very good AI and funny taunts from the gang of kobolds.
Troll Slayer – Lots of content and awesome graphical version
Floating Eye: The Game – Play as a Floating Eye and paralyse adventurers, leaving them to be killed by other weak monsters
Dungeon Sweeper – Combining minsweeper and roguelikeness into one highly addictive adventure
A Quest Too Far – Play as an old man that gets weaker as he progresses
City of the Condemned – Play as either angels or demons in an attempt to save or destroy a city of humans
Harmless – Challenging roguelike where every enemy has a puzzle element to how to defeat or avoid them
Laser Spigot – Really cool looking hex roguelike
Last of Candle – Your shadow follows you and does damage to enemies – leads to very interesting combat mechanics
Madness – Stave off insanity and darkness and some cool hallucinations
EarlSpork – Fun little platform roguelike
The Legend of Klakkamara – Very complete roguelike with lots of items, monsters, and so on

So go out and play some games – there’s a lot of gems in there that’ll keep you entertained till next year’s competition  :)

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