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All My Games, Finally Beaten

July 25th, 2015

I recently bought a copy of Cogmind, a cool new roguelike about building a robot, without realising the developer had already given me a free key. So, deciding I should give my new spare key away I thought I should give it to someone dedicated to roguelikes – someone who cares enough to play a hard game and achieve something notable. And in thinking about this I realised… I have four games which have never been beaten! FireTail, DataQueen, UNSTOPPABLE and Toby the Trapper – and the latter two are five years old. So I issued a challenge on Reddit – whoever shall beat one of these games first shall earn the key! A true roguelike quest :)

What ensued was a mad and beautiful dash by many roguelike players to be first to beat one of these games. Quickly they stumbled as they came to realise that there was a reason these games were not yet completed. The reason being I can be really bad at balance sometimes, and being a roguelike expert and a particular expert at my own games I often design the “enjoyable difficulty” for me to be way beyond the average player. Now the roguelike challengers entering this fateful quest were to find out that the prize would be bought through blood… In truth I wasn’t sure they were all beatable at all.

But with surprising speed one /u/zxc223 completed DataQueen, and with it identified a few exploits and bugs. I was impressed! He won his key and I’ll put a reference to him in a future game.

After that I wanted the fun to continue, so I offered three more keys, one for each of the other games. The deaths continued :D After a day FireTail was beaten by /u/Othello, using some very fine tactics. Two days later /u/zazs did what I thought might be impossible – he beat UNSTOPPABLE. This was a 4DRL I wrote in 2010, and previously I hadn’t heard of anyone getting more than 20% through the game. His victory was incredibly well achieved! And after three more days Toby the Trapper was felled by the incredibly persistent /u/personman, fighting through many difficult fights, tedious levels, and some horrible bugs.

Thus, at last, were all my most difficult games laid to rest by four different roguelike masters. And furthermore they all identified new bugs, found exploits and gave great feedback on games I’d had little useful feedback on before! I guess and important lesson here is that if you make your game hard but give the players a real incentive then you’ll get people interested enough to go all the way. Especially in the roguelike community, where many of us are crazy persistent idiots :P

And here are all of their glorious victory screens:

DataQueen roguelike victory screen

FireTail roguelike victory screen

UNSTOPPABLE roguelike victory screen

Toby the Trapper victory screen

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