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The Trapped Heart 1.1 released (with inevitable bugfixes)

March 24th, 2016

Well 7DRLs and bugs seem to inevitably go together… The Trapped Heart is no exception, though in this case there was only really one significant bug affecting level generation. Unfortunately it was pretty serious, preventing connectivity in some levels. Thankfully it is now fixed!

Based on some initial feedback I’ve also updated some descriptions in the game and tried to make some of the mechanics a little clearer (making the chain lightning attacks act more simply in the process). I’ve added more feedback and descriptions for the player through hover-over details on the player character and tips on death based on how you played! I’ve also tried to decrease the system load for the shield effects on critters.

Download for Win/OSX/Linux through itch.io:

One thing that has become clear watching videos of people playing the game is that I vastly underestimate the difficulty of my games :P People are dying repeatedly to the first boss, which to me is a complete doddle to beat. Of course that’s because I know the mechanics inside out… I held myself back at numerous points in development from making things more challenging, and now I see that I should have been making things easier! Or clearer at least, which I have now done.

Full change list for v1.1:

* New: Dungeon name announced on entry
* New: Particle effect to show when slowed
* New: Tooltip on player to show current abilities and status
* New: Pause upon death to make death situation clearer
* New: Tips on death based on gameplay
* Bugfix: All levels now assured to be connected
* Bugfix: Various typos and poor descriptions corrected
* Gameplay: Changed arcing to attack a wider range of targets
* Gameplay: Changed earthquake to be more symmetrical
* Gameplay: Tweaked Bro-Knight summons
* UI: Changed text colours to be more readable
* UI: Updated help text to make clearer
* UI: Changed descriptions of air magic to be more consistent
* UI: Changed shield appearance to be more symmetrical
* UI: Tweaked title screen image
* Performance: Reduce particle count on shields

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