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7DRL start: A Wall Of Souls

March 5th, 2017

My favourite week of the year is back :) This year I’m making a game that in many ways is similar to last year’s The Trapped Heart. ‘A Wall of Souls’ is about a lone knight trying to free his Queen from some nefarious force (exact plot still being worked out). The knight will have a number of “soul shields” following him, and being cut off from the shields equals death. Enemies will have ‘soul points’ that look similar to the shields from The Trapped Heart, but this time the way to kill enemies is to surround their soul points – ie. position yourself, your shields and walls to cover up those sides of the enemy. An enemy with 6 shields needs to be fully surrounded.

That’s the vague plan of the game. In addition the shields themselves will have mechanics and abilities attached to them, and there are more to collect over the course of the game. And a bit of meta-gaming I’m playing with is that every time you die you leave a statue of yourself, which can help restrict the environment in future games.

This will be the first game in which I play with a hunger clock – over the course of the game you will gradually get slower, so that what were once easy enemies are suddenly going faster than you.

How well this all works I’ll have to find out. And how well I can explain this to the player will also be a challenge…

Best of luck to everyone taking part! I look forward to all the cool and innovative new roguelikes I’ll get to play in a week’s time :D

  1. March 6th, 2017 at 08:19 | #1


    I’ve always looked forward to your games and this is no exception. I maybe-like the hunger clock. Is it an action point system? So on turn one you get 100 time points and on turn 20 you get 80 points? and moving costs 10 points? I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately but my ideas were all poo. Good luck!

    • March 6th, 2017 at 14:33 | #2

      Not action points. You have a speed value (normal speed, half speed, quarter speed, etc) that goes down every x turns. You start the game fast, but as you progress you get significantly slower.

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