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7DRL start: Wait For It

March 3rd, 2019

Hmm, I’m really bad at updating this blog… Two years ago I started Wall of Souls, which I failed to complete. Last year I made a successful 7DRL called Time To Die, which I never announced on here. Time To Die was a time travel themed roguelike, where you could pause and rewind time at will as you travelled through different epochs trying to destroy different temporal anomalies. It was a really cool game in many ways, and just my cup of tea in terms of gameplay, but for many others the mechanics were very obtuse and the game was hard to play.

So, onto the 7DRL Challenge 2019! This year I will have far less time than normal due to the arrival of my first child (a gorgeous girl called Scarlett, recently turned 6 months old). So to keep things simple I’ll be trying to reuse as much as possible. I’ll be taking some of the assets and thematic content from Time To Die, but repackaging it into something simpler and hopefully more intuitive to play.

Wait For It will have the same cyber theme as Time To Die, this time letting you control a hacker trying to overthrow the evil Church of the Holy C. All player powers will be charged by waiting on the spot, meaning you need to be very aware of positioning and timing to survive. That’s the plan anyway! We’ll see how that plays out in the next 7 days.

Best of luck to everyone else participating :)

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