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7DRL Success: The Trapped Heart

March 14th, 2016 Comments off

Released! The Trapped Heart is a hex-based roguelike where enemies have directional shields. You need to arrange attacks from the right directions to do damage. Download from (ignore the price request):

I didn’t get all I wanted done this week, and the artist I had on board didn’t manage to make any enemy sprites (hence my shoddy artwork in the game). But I had a lot of fun designing the mechanics and interesting enemies and bosses to fit with the mechanics.

The Trapped Heart gameplay

The big piece missing is the story, which is there in parts but lacks the detail I was after. In particular the game doesn’t achieve my objective of having an Undertale-inspired multi-layered story that plays out across numerous runs. Oh well, here are some more pictures:

The Trapped Heart roguelike gameplay

Fighting a giant slug in the swamp

The Trapped Heart

Some cave critters

Knights of Undying Friendship

The Knights of Undying Friendship! Alas, without the many dialogue permutations I had hoped to include

7DRL Start: The Trapped Heart

March 4th, 2016 Comments off

Woohoo, the Seven Day Roguelike Challenge is here again!

I’m not starting just yet, but I will be soon… I discussed my ideas for this a little on a recent 7DRL episode of Roguelike Radio. I’ve been quite inspired by an indie RPG that came out last year called Undertale, which does a lot of fun things with metagame information, showing different dialogue on replays and so on. This is a really interesting new space to explore, and as much as people balk at how far Rogue Legacy takes meta-gaming I think we should be doing a lot more to experiment with mechanics like these.

My game this year is called The Trapped Heart. It’ll be 1HP death, hex-based and with some interesting new combat mechanics. So not much different from the last couple of years for me ;) I hope it’ll be fun, but I hope also to have an interesting story built up across multiple plays.

An artist called Oleg has agreed to work with me this year, so hopefully it’ll look amazing too! I’ll be posting updates on Twitter and